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dance theatre performance inspired by the novel Tobiáš Lolness of Timothée de Fombelle

performance has been chosen for the presentation of the czech theatre abroad in the catalogue Czech Performance Collection 2010 




for children over 5 years up to grown-ups

What is happening with the friendship, when it has to be spread to the two different parts of the world? Can it survive a very steep slope, rest on a velvet grass or has it to split up?

Together with the dancers and actors enter to the imaginary world of the bushy tree and become for the while one of the very small people, to which this tree presents the whole world. Wander barefoot along the branches from the very top to the roots, around the lake in the fine grass, and discover its secrets, which is in fact one big parable about our planet. 




Screenplay and director: Lenka Tretiagová and Ondřej Lipovský

Performers: Vojta Švejda, Ondřej Lipovský /David Ryska, Eliška Kašparová, Petra Brabcová, Jan Čtvrtník

Children ́s role : David Králík, Ondřej Zavřel, Viktorie Budínská, Anna Tretiagová, Tereza Solarová and other children of the Dance Studio Light.

Music: Tomáš Žižka, Agnes Kutas a Jan Holeček / William Valerián

Premiere: 29. 9. 2009, Theatre Ponec

Length: 60 - 80 minutes 


video here