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or adventurous theatre vehicle



adventurous performance not only for children over 5 years

The world of american film director, writer and artist Tim Burton and his famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have inspired Dance Studio Light a great deal. While watching its performance, you can jump into the adventurous theatre vehicle, storming through the paradise of wishes and dream; you can help to create the final piece. The dance, accompanied with witty original music and the scene, creates miracles. One moment you are down, the other up, storming with tremendous speed or stand still. It is the pilgrimage full of slides down, swings, ascendings and shocks. The characters from the book, including Umpalumpas, reflect children weaknesses - addiction to sweets, TV and computers, as well as to other various things. The unpredictable owner of the chocolate factory, Mr. Wonka, with his bizarre manners, confuses everyone, to get them where he needs to have them... 

This performance was at first presented in the vault of the gallery named Dům U kamenného zvonu during the Prague ́s exhibition of Tim Burton works 




Screenplay and director: Lenka Tretiagová and Vojta Švejda

Music: Mamapapa o.s. and Jan Čtvrtník

Costumes: Tereza Tretiagová 

Scenes: Tomáš Žižka and Michal Mihalčik

Light design: Lukáš Benda 

Choreography: David Ryska, Lucie Kašiarová, Ondřej Lipovský

Sound, animation: Lenka Nahodilová, Anna Tretiagová, Kateřina Molíková

Performers: David Ryska, Vojta Švejda, Michal Bednář, Tereza Tretiagová, Štěpán Tretiag, Sebastián Vích, Hedvika Řezáčová, Jan Čtvrtník

Children ́s roles: Odzer Stanzin, Agáta Hodková, David Králík, Tereza Solarová, Eliška Krejčí, Ondřej Zavřel, Magdalena Mihalčiková, Viktorie Budinská, Klára Klinková, Linda a Nela Pokorných, Sofie Kopecká

Premiere: 11. + 12. 10. 2014 Studio ALTA during the festival 4 + 4 days in motion

Length: 90 minutes