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Dance theatre interactive performance for children and their grandparents, in which real lives of the old people meet literary pattern of Jean Giono.

Do our grandma ́s posses some sort of magic? Do they have a power to influenceon your lives? Do grandma ́s with their invisible power can arrange some meeting, appeasement or solving a problem? Why even adults sometimes believe in fairy tales? And are they a fairy tales really? 


Screenplay and director: Lenka Tretiagová

Music: Jan Čtvrtník

Costumes: Tereza Tretiagová and Ondřej Lipovský

Scene and light design: Sebastián Vích

Choreography: Renata Bártová and Michal Vodenka

Performers: Marie Krejčová with her granddaugther Eliška, Eva Solarová with grandchildren Tereza and Adam, Hana Bociánová and Eva Keroušová with Agáta and Jeroným, Michal Králík with his son David, siblings Anna, Tereza and Štěpán Tretiag, Sebastián Vích, Lenka Nahodilová, Michal Vodenka

Premiere: 17. 12. 2013, ALTA Studio

Length: 60 minutes

video here